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Complete Support Every Step of the Way


​WorXsiteHR has an incredible, one-of-a-kind healthcare program that is both ERISA and Section 125 compliant, that turns your payroll taxes into No-Cost Healthcare for your employees. The plan covers preventative care, sickness or injury visits to a doctor, prescriptions, urgent care, and telemedicine. Coverage is unlimited and for ALL of your employees and their families – AT NO COST! Not only is our Program free to your employees, but you, the employer, will save $35-$40 per month in payroll taxes for each and every participant in the HealthWorX program. For example, with 1000 employees participating, you will save $35,000 to $40,000 PER MONTH!

Benefit Consulting

CenterPointe Solutions helps your company by providing comprehensive benefit packages designed specifically for the needs of your company and employees. 

Staffing Solutions

CenterPointe Solutions provides convenience and expertise for your payroll and employee-related administration.

Workers Compensation

CenterPointe Solutions helps make your workplace safer by providing workers' compensation insurance options and loss prevention services


Strategic Planning

CenterPointe Solutions helps you protect your business and employees by working with you to identify and implement good management practices.

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