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Solutions and Results

​WorXsiteHR has an incredible, one-of-a-kind healthcare program that is both ERISA and Section 125 compliant, that turns your payroll taxes into No-Cost Healthcare for your employees. The plan covers preventative care, sickness or injury visits to a doctor, prescriptions, urgent care, and telemedicine. Coverage is unlimited and for ALL of your employees and their families – AT NO COST! Not only is our Program free to your employees, but you, the employer, will save $35-$40 per month in payroll taxes for each and every participant in the HealthWorX program. For example, with 1000 employees participating, you will save $35,000 to $40,000 PER MONTH!

What We Do

CenterPointe Solutions Inc. is a privately-held company formed to provide administrative solutions to all types and sizes of businesses and non-profits. Our focus is to help business owners free up their time so they can grow their business.   Our professionals have owned and operated administrative services companies since 1987 and are well versed in what is required to help combat problems businesses face day to day.


We help create solutions for everyday business. We are passionate about our work and we don't rest until we deliver something extraordinary.

Benefits Consulting

Staffing Solutions

Workers Compensation

Strategic Planning


Our Vision

CenterPointe Solutions Inc. finds itself to be in a unique position since we are big enough to offer all the HR services and technological functions offered by the larger competitors, yet we are small enough to actually know our clients. Our philosophy on customer service is that every client should be given prompt, accurate, and consistent results. Clients want to speak to a person familiar with their account, not to someone who has to review their account history each time they call. In short, industry experience and a customer service focus are what set us apart from larger competitors.

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